Avila Auto Appraisal

Accurate and Reliable Appraisals

We specialize in diminished value reports in order to provide our clients with fair and accurate report values used for insurance, lawsuits and any other situation that calls for an appraisal. While Avila Auto Appraisals has worked with regular car and truck owners, insurance companies, car hobbyists and more, we remain a strict 3rd party and independent entity in all our transactions. All of our appraisals are written by a senior member of the American Society of Appraisers.

  • Our Appraisal Services include:
  • • Pre-Purchase value disputes
  • • Pre-Insurance value disputes
  • • Insurance
  • • Sales
  • • Diminishment of value

Avila Auto Appraisal
Our appraisal and evaluation services are offered for all types of vehicles. We have experience with everything from standard cars and trucks to collectible automobiles and race cars. We have the expertise in many facets of auto appraisal.

Diminished Value Services

Determining accurate diminished value is what Avila Auto Appraisal specializes in. If your car has been in an accident, there are 3 main types of diminished value: immediate, inherent and repair related. Avila Auto Appraisal is experienced with determining all 3 types of diminished value, giving our clients fair and accurate assessments often used in insurance disputes, lawsuits and more. We can also provide expert witness services for those who require it.

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Vehicle appraisals must be accurate in order to protect the value of your property. When you have an antique or collectible automobile, a solid and professional car appraisal is invaluable when dealing with insurance, estate valuations, and more. Most people get appraisals for insurance purposes, tax incentives, sales and after auto accidents. In many of these situations, you need the accuracy of your appraisal, car evaluation, pre purchase inspection or assessment to be unquestionable. Avila Auto Appraisal can provide you with an expert valuation that will stand up to any scrutiny. Contact us today.