Up to Date, Knowledgeable and Experienced

We have over 25 years of auto appraisal experience and have become a trusted, professional appraiser to El Paso and the surrounding areas. Our car appraisal services include car appraisals, diminished value assessments, as well as pre purchase inspections and car evaluations. We have provided appraisal and expert witness services for:
  • • US Marshals Office
  • • DEA
  • • Customs and Border Patrol
  • • Insurance Companies
  • • Bank Repossession & Value Estimations
Mr. William E. Avila has been involved in professional auto appraisal for over 25 years and always ensures that all the services at Avila Auto Appraisal is carried out with the most up to date information and professional services. Memberships to various professional automotive industry organizations ensure that Mr. Avila is always up to date on industry news affecting the auto valuation process. He is a senior member of the American Society of Appraisers (Auto Group), who began conversation about diminished value and the importance of proper appraisal services. Our Reports are Uniform Standards of the Professional Appraisal Practice Standards (USPAP).

USPAP Compliant Appraisals

  • Diminished value
  • Personal property
    and estate taxes
  • Insurance
  • Donation
  • Sale
  • Expert Witness

Understanding Diminished Value

If your car has been in an accident, you are driving around in a “wrecked” vehicle by all appraisal standards. If the accident was not your fault, you may be owed money by insurance companies. Avila Auto Appraisals understands the importance of knowing what diminished value is and how it affects the value of your car. Diminished value refers to your car’s value after it has sustained major damage, before and after it has been repaired. Our services provide an honest assessment of your vehicle and if diminished value has affected your car, our staff will explain everything to you in a respectful and thorough manner.

The Importance of Fair and Up to Date Auto Appraisals

Auto appraisals are an important part of car ownership. Knowing what your car is worth at the moment can simplify sales transactions and accident insurance adjustments. It is very important for car enthusiasts and collectors to keep up to date appraisals of their classic and collectable vehicles for various reasons, including insurance, estimation of value of collections and more. To learn more about the experience acquired over more than 25 years as an auto appraiser and to find out more about the qualifications that ensure Avila Auto Appraisals is the right choice for you, contact us today.